The framing of our home base is ready. It’s on wheels, so we can move it along with the sun. Which is very present at the moment. It’s about 28 degrees..



on the bridge

Today, we brought all the materials we found in the past two days to our location: the Cavalcavia E. Bussa. (Cavalcavia means overpass or railway bridge.) It’s quite a lot of useful and pretty stuff, so Rikkert and Niek decided to sleep in the car on the bridge, to watch over it. From tomorrow there will be professional guards.


We are lucky to be accompanied by Francesco, a very friendly, communicative and enterprising volunteer. He is with us for three days now, to help convince the locals to contribute to the project. With success!

at work




Zona Isola

The festival location is at the edge of the Isola district, a neighborhood that was build around the the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth century. It used to be a residential area for workers of Pirelli and other industrial companies. It still has a working-class character and there’s a lot of craftmanship to be found (like small workshops of carpenters, metalworkers and mechanics). Since two years, the city is building several enormous skyscrapers close to the Isola area and also a new metroline underneath.

back in Milan

We arrived in Milan with the five of us, and started collecting ‘materiale di recupero’ for the tavern that we will start building on friday the 8th of April. The project will be located on a bridge between the popular neighborhood Isola district and the more posh neighborhood Corso Como. It is a changing area with plenty of building sites. Perfect!

Public Design Festival Milan 2011

From April 12 – 17 2011, we will be part of the Public Design Festival in Milan again. Esterni invited us to come back with a new project that builds on the previous Foundation projects. We are planning to build an open air bar, from found waste material. During the festival, we’ll be serving fresh organic soup, bread and drinks in order to create a meeting place that gives a colourful glimpse into the neighborhood and its people. The project is called Taverna and can be followed on this website.

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